I have a B. App. Science (Biology/ Biotechnology) majoring in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Toxicology

a first class honours degree in Biochemistry

a Grad. Dip. Clinical Nutrition

and now… I am doing a Grad. Dip. Ed. (senior)

I love to learn, love to read and love to talk… teaching is an obvious choice!!!



4 Responses to “About Me!!!!!!”

  1. Hi! Hope this doesn’t sound too creepy, but I found your blog when checking the access logs of a web site that I manage (USGS Science Topics, http://www.usgs.gov/science/). I just want to commend you on your work. You’re doing a great job exploring and explaining earth science, and I’m sure that, should you find yourself called to teach, you’ll be a great teacher.

    1. Thanks heaps – your comment is much appreciated :O)

  2. sarah Says:

    hello Fiona, where did you get the globe picture? Would it be okay if I use it or I need permission. Thank you

    1. Hi there,
      I got the picture through a google image search and it didn’t have an origin reference so I didn’t include one
      – it would be fine to use – it does have the publishers name credited on the photo.
      Fiona :O)

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