Evaluate: This phase of the 5 E’s encourages learners to assess their understanding and abilities and lets teachers evaluate students’ understanding of key concepts and skill development (from Enhancing Education http://enhancinged.wgbh.org/research/eeeee.html)

  • For the elaborate phase, students will present their Disaster Reports (Assessment 2) – likely to take 1 1/2 lessons.  There will be a minute or 2 discussion time after each presentation and presentations are to go for around 7 mins (give or take 1 min).  Presentations will be marked according to the rubric (click link):  Assessment 2 RUBRIC.
  • Student learning logs (Assessment 1) will be handed in at the end of the unit/ final lesson.  The rubric for the learning log would have been provided to students and discussed in the first lesson of the unit.  Learning logs will be marked according to the rubric (click link):  Learning Log RUBRIC.

Student reflection

Class discussion

  • In the end of the final class of the unit, time will be taken for students to reflect on their learning.  The original diagnostic assessment questions from the first lesson will be revisited, and students will reflect on how their answers have changed. The teacher will ask students what they liked most and least about the unit, what they found the most interesting and what surprised them the most.  Students will be asked to reflect on what they would like to know more about and any other comments.

This reflection time is an important part of the constructivism approach.  In addition to helping students, the reflection time can assist teachers in modifying their unit/ lessons for future classes.